The Bio-Venture Creating Our Future

“Creating happiness, NEUMED welcomes you always”

Hello, I am the CEO of a bio-venture NEUMED trying to improve the people’s health and happiness.
Nowaday, living in the modern high technological society, we easily forget the benefits of the nature.
The nature has amazing vitality and it has been the womb for mankind. NEUMED always try to extract the vitality of nature with our valuable medical high-technology. We recreate natural resources, such as materials stimulating bone growth, improving the functions of organ system, and protecting brain cells, to new drugs and health functional food.
We believe that everybody should be able to take nature’s vitality easily.
Researching new drugs, we also participating some social contribution programs for children around the world suffering from short stature.
We are proud of our works to contribute to the human happiness through our researches and social activities.
We dream a world guaranteeing universal health right.
We dream the new drugs caressing the people’s agony.
We dream the joyful meeting of nature and technology.
For more tremendous achievements, we invite partners. We welcome you who have some plans for new drugs and healthiness.
If you want to use standard medical herbs and extract material bank, you can build business cooperation with us.
We are always open to you with heart.

Thank you.

CEO Kang Hee Won