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Hovenia dulcis berry extract powder (liver health)

Name Hovenia dulcis berry extract powder
No. 2014-01
Help to protect the liver from alcohol damage
Dose 2,460mg/ day
Contents Hovenia dulcis
Features - Protect liver via reducing γ-GTP, liver damage index induced by alcohol.
- Achieved 3rd place in manufacturing scale of individually approved ingredients in 2014, and 4th place in 2015.
- The only Hovenia dulcis that is published liver protective effect in RCT.
- Harvested around shennongjia, UNESCO nature heritage.
- Quality was controlled in multi-check from harvest to product.
- 2 KCI journals were published
Function - γ-GTP was decreased significantly¹
- Triglyceride was decreased significantly¹
- γ-GTP, AST, and ALT, increased by long time alcohol consumption, was decreased²
- ALT, increased by one time excessive alcohol, was decrease²