Searching The Tradition, Discovering The New


“Adapt the thousands of Korean Medicine clinical records to usable to contemporary food and medicine technology by reinterpreting them”

Candidate materials are induced from Korean Medicine theory for scientific research development.
Korean Medicine has got valuable information which can be used nowadays with its thousands years of clinical records. However, this information is not recorded in scientific or analytical terms, but is recorded by the holistic approach. We interpret this information to be fit into the modern science so that it becomes more usable.

Through this step, the information is found to be material candidates. These material candidates which have been induced according to protocol are the most important step as it can reduce time and expense.

This step is consisted of several protocols. They are based on Korean Medicine knowledge and biological scientific knowledge such as fundamental theory of Korean Medicine, medicinal property, diagnosis, pathology, etc. In addition to studying and analysing the clinical experiences of more than hundred thousands of Korean Medicine prescriptions and ten thousands medicinal herbs, we have identified the safety and efficacy of the natural products that have been traditionally used through the latest academic papers and patent databases. And the candidate materials for development are selected.