Searching The Tradition, Discovering The New


“There are plenty of natural samples which are certified its origins in the storage of knowledge, the iMED bank”

We secure materials by identifying the exact origin of the medicinal materials recorded in Korean Medicine books.
When searching for new materials discovered during the Interpretation phase, or specifying specifications for materials for commercialization, natural materials with clear information about collection time, production area, cultivation, and species are needed. It is not easy to distinguish exact species of medicinal herbs recorded on reference as well as its irregularity depending on its collection period and the way of cultivation. The Korean Medicine used now has been established with a long history. Origin means to determine the correctness of a certain Korean Medicine to use a specific plant.

We reveal the proper origin of Korean Medicine by reference which has been written historically. Identification or determination of natural materials on the market is done by Korean Medicine, and Korean pharmacist and through gene discrimination, we distinguish species clearly and secure natural materials with reproducibility of research.

We produce voucher specimen by visiting the native habitat either inside or outside of country and purchasing the guaranteed natural materials. Also, they are stocked in iMED bank alongside with voucher, photos, GPS info about the origin. And we have verified natural material samples through precise plant identification such as discrimination by Korean Medicine doctors and Korean pharmacists and genetic discrimination.