Searching The Tradition, Discovering The New


“Objective dataization of natural material candidates, New drugs and health functional food materials will be born"

We procure scientific data by developing purpose attached experiment methods.
This step is about obtaining objective data through scientific experiment on material candidates which are induced from Korean Medicine clinical records and theories. We analyse up-to-date experiment results and determination of the effects through designing experiment from preclinical study to clinical study.

Also build the database of research development based in traditional knowledge and recent research database. Data such as scientific name, medicinal parts, description, distribution, Korean Medicine effect, related diseases, origin, growing age, active component, safety, component content, medicinal effects are recorded and updated up-to-date. By using these databases, we can confirm the Korean Medicine information of medicinal herbs, accurate medicinal herbs samples, standardized ingredients, and efficacy evaluation results.

Alongside the data acquired in information, material, extract steps, combined data researched in NEUMED on safety, effects, and components are the base of developing new drugs and health functional food materials.