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“Conduct the natural material experiment with the standardised materials from NEUMED”

Conduct the natural material experiment with the standardised materials from NEUMED.
The contents of marker compounds in natural materials are different depending on the collection period, the way of cultivating as well as the difficulty to use the specific origin herbs on the records. Reproducibility results are induced if the research is carried on with materials which origin, information, extract method, and component content are clear.

In UNESCO Memory of the World registered Donguibogam, there are 1233 types of medicinal herbs depending on their origin, medicinal parts, the way of processing. We distribute 541 of them and some other natural materials with standardisation.

NEUMED collect the samples of medicinal herbs which are on the market and standardised the component content. We also collect herbs growing inside of the country, whereas obtain herbs which are not able to get in domestic through MOU with foreign herb research institute. Obtained herbs are being identified by expert and used for voucher specimen.

We distribute materials to inside or outside institute of country or individuals who are willing to do basic experiment, preclinical study, clinical study using standard medicinal herbs or extracts so that we can contribute to its reliability and reproducibility of research. Please contact us if you want to.

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