Searching The Tradition, Discovering The New


“Improvement of functional recovery from stroke Natural substances of NEUMED will become new medicine soon.”

Stroke occurs when cerebral vessels are blocked or burst, and it is notorious for its top death rate from single disease. Even if it doesn’t result in death, the disease can leave serious aftereffects such as hemiparalysis, dyslogia, or amnestic disorder, there is need for treatment of them.

The most common aftereffect of stroke is motor disorder in limbs of the damaged part. To treat the disorder, rehabilitation like exercise therapy and occupational therapy is commonly practiced. In case of medication, patients usually take antispastics, but the drug only deals with severe rigors and it can’t restore motor functions. NEUMED is developing candidate substances that can promote restoration of motor functions that minimize the aftereffects of strokes.

In order to develop candidate substances, we have screened medicinal herbs mentioned in Korean Medicine literatures to treat strokes for 10 years, and by mixing some of them with great effects, we finally identified a multi-herbal mixture that promote restoration in motor functions. Candidate substances were also assured that they have motor coordination and sensorimotor integration functions compared to the control group in an experiment done on animals whose nerve cells were dead.

Currently, we achieved IND approval on clinic phase 2 from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and selected as the subject of the country by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, proceeding multi-institutional clinical tests in 8 university hospitals in Korea.