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“1 of 9 suffers from gastritis NEUMED will develop medicine without side effects”

When cells constitute the gastric mucous membrane are repeatedly stimulated by various causes such as gastric acid, Helicobacter pylori, aspirin or painkillers, medicine, alcohol, and stress, inflammations are caused, which can be aggravated into gastritis, chronic gastritis, and gastric ulcer. In serious case, it can lead to gastric cancer. gastritis is very common disease of the digestive system from that 1 of 9 people suffer. When it comes to chronic gastritis, there is no specific treatments, and it is hard to be completely treated. Also, it can be causes of peptic ulcers or gastric cancers.

Patients who suffer from gastritis, which is easy to recur, need medicine that they can take for a long time. In regards of proton pump inhibitors which are frequently used in case of gastritis and gastric ulcer, side effects from long-term dosage have been constantly reported.

Our goal is to develop gastric mucous membrane protectant that can be taken for a long time, protecting the membrane through different mechanism; especially gastritis medicine that suppresses damage on the membrane by secreting more mucus in stomach.

NEUMED selects materials based on iMED Platform which considers effects of Korean Medicine prescriptions and various Korean Medicinal herbs and develops medicine from empirical experiences; then, we screen out the most effective and the safest materials. Materials whose effects are outstanding compared to existing medicine and materials on developmental procedures are selected, and we test them on their effectiveness, safety, dosage form, and stability, achieve approval on clinical test plans, and carry out clinical tests.