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Stomach Health

“Stomach protectant material selected throughout iMED system We present comfort in your stomach by preventing gastritis.”

In case of Koreans, gastric problems are increasing recently due to habitual eating of spicy and salty food, high rate of drinking, and stress. When gastric diseases take place, the symptoms are like heartburn, feeling bloated, nausea, and indigestion, and if one is feeling such symptoms, the gastric diseases have been progressed to a certain level as stomach doesn’t have susceptible sensory nerves. Therefore, it is important to usually have food that can keep the stomach healthy.

NEUMED is developing a material that can protect gastric mucous membrane by increasing the mucus in stomach so that the stomach health can be improved. This material will be the source material of functional food that can restore the condition of stomach or keep the stomach healthy without worrying about pain from long-term dosage of medicine. The mechanism that enables balance between offensive factors and defensive factors in stomach is applied to the material.

NEUMED selects materials based on iMED Platform which considers effects of Korean Medicine prescriptions and various oriental materials and develops medicine based on traditional empirical experiences. After evauating the effectiveness of individual materials, we checked the compound ratio in which the synergy effect takes place, selected materials that show gastric membrane protection effects in animal models with gastritis, and entered the phase of application experiment on human bodies.