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Improvement in Liver Function

“Liver disease are hard to recognize, prevention is the best option! NEUMED has found fundamental solutions of liver regeneration.”

In case of intake of excessive alcohol that the liver cannot decompose, the alcohol remains in the body, causing not only a hangover such as indigestion, vomiting, and headache, but also alcoholic liver diseases including alcoholic fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, and alcoholic hepatocirrhosis.

The liver is called the silent organ. As there is no self-recognition despite damage in the condition of the liver up to 80%, prevention is important regarding alcoholic liver diseases. Abstention from drink is the best as prevention and treatment of alcoholic liver diseases, but it is not easy for people who live in the world that offer liquors. This is why we need to develop materials to protect the liver from alcoholic damages.

NEUMED is developing materials to protect and retain the health of the liver by keeping the liver from being damaged from the toxins that take place in the procedures of alcohol decomposition, increasing metabolism of liver cells, and helping regeneration of liver cells.

These are resource materials of health functional food that can keep the liver healthy usually. These materials are what we selected throughout our unique development platform iMED, and are developed from the most effective selection based on experiments on various animal models with acute alcoholic liver disease or chronic alcoholic liver disease. We only choose materials whose prevention effects are guaranteed and carry out human study of health functional food.