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Intestine Health

“Intestines are important in digestion, excretion, and removal of toxic substances Prevent inflammations in intestines with NEUMED new materials…”

Inflammatory intestinal diseases are the results of abnormally chronic inflammations in intestines, and the causative mechanisms haven’t been figured out yet. Inflammatory intestinal diseases not only cause everyday inconvenience from stomachache and diarrhea but also can cause symptoms such as bleeding and anemia.

Intestines are very important organ that not only has functions of digestion, absorption, decomposition, and excretion, but also protects our bodies from toxic substances from outside, so it is important to prevent inflammatory intestinal diseases. Treatment of inflammatory intestinal disease can be done through dietary treatment, medicine, and operational treatment, but as prevention is far more important than treatment, there is need for effective materials for that.

Immunosuppressant or functional food used currently are confronting questions about their effectiveness. NEUMED, who makes new medicine and new functional substances from safe natural substances, is finding the solution.

NEUMED is developing safe materials that can keep intestines healthy by soothing inflammations, based on materials used in traditional Korean Medicine. By securing natural substances examined through accurate plant identification based on selection of materials whose base is on Korean Medicine-related empirical experiences over the thousands of years, we select materials that have effects of intestine health improvement throughout control of immunity function from animal models with inflammatory intestinal diseases. Also, we are shedding light on the mechanism by constructing application experiment on human bodies that are eligible to the study of inflammatory intestinal disease.