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Partners’ quality control

“Maintaining direct cooperation with companies and farmers inside and outside of the country, various inspections are proceeded to maintain the level of raw materials”

To provide good quality raw materials and products, NEUMED is maintaining cooperative relationship not only with processing and distributing companies inside and outside of the country but also with country of origin and farmers. By company inspection and analysis of multiple samples throughout inspection on cooperative companies, we are selecting those who can provide excellent and consistent quality, and implementing regular and irregular examinations to manage various hazardous factors in selected cooperative companies.

Unlike many other domestic bio-venture, we maintain cooperative relationship with farmers in the regions in good natural environments abroad such as China and implement site visits and sampling procedures, so that we can secure the best ingredients. We collect multiple samples and purchase them as materials only when they meet the standards.

Neumed selects herbal medicine materials based on iMED platform which considers effects of Korean medicine prescriptions and various Korean medicine materials and develops medicine based on traditional empirical experiences. After evaluating the effectiveness of individual materials, we confirmed the best mixing ratio in which the synergy effect takes place, selected materials that show gastroprotective and ulcer healing effects in animal models with gastritis or gastric ulcer, and entered the phase of application experiment on human bodies.

NEUMED’s strong will to secure the best quality is realized by such an effort.