The Bio-Venture Creating Our Future

“Take the opportunity with NEUMED. Our new drugs and functional food are safe and effective”

Botanical drug

NEUMED is developing new drugs with natural materials from all over the based in the iMED, our special food and medicine developing platform.
Our accumulated experiences on Korean medicine combined with new biotechnology opens a new phase of new drugs development. We first induce qualified candidates of new drug materials through the process of researching standardized natural material.
Then, we research the ways in which such materials are transformed into the new drugs. Through the steady R&D process, NEUMED is developing stroke, idiopathic short stature and gastritis treatment, etc.

Functional food ingredients

NEUMED develops individually approved functional ingredients so that anyone could
easily intake health functional food. There is an idea in traditional Korean medicine that the medicine and the food goes together. NEUMED has a role in transforming and developing the wisdom of our ancestors who pursued a healthy life from the food and removed diseases. We are developing safe and effective functional food materials, proved by tests on animals and human bodies, with competitive food materials induced by iMED system.

Apart from currently certified Astragalus extract mixture for children’s height growth (HT042), Hovenia dulcis berry extract powder for liver health, Siberian Ginseng extract mixture for joint health, Ginseng and Siberian ginseng extract mixture for memory improvement, we are on the process of developing functional food for weight loss, menopause women health, stomach health, intestine health, immunity enhancement, periodontitis, etc.

Selling standard medicinal herbs and extracts

We sell Donguibogam-based standardized medicinal herbs and extracts. Although medicinal herbs currently distributed are called as, standardized medicinal herbs, meeting the pharmacopoeia standard herbs’ component contents are not practically standardized. Researching with unstandardized extracts will decrease the reliability and reproducibility of the research results. Thus, research will acquire reproducibility when medicinal herbs or natural materials used in the research are standardized and have clear records of origins and the date of collection.

We acquired standardized medicinal herbs and extracts from 541 types of medicinal herbs and other natural materials included in the Korean pharmacopeia. These standardized medicinal herbs and extracts are produced to be sold.