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Quality control policies

“Material selections throughout precise examination with the college of oriental medicine in Kyunghee University Thorough standardization based on NEUMED’s technology”

From safe material selection to provision of raw materials and products of excellent and consistent quality, NEUMED’s process is strictly controlled.
Material selection, which can be the initiation phase of products, is done after examination of safety based on traditional and modern literature and on iMED that was collaboratively invented with herbal medicine class of the college of oriental medicine in Kyunghee University.

Production and product management not only test the items according to the regulation but also extra factors that can affect the safety of the products, such as foreign substance, moisture, toxins from molds, preservatives, tar color, melamine, and sulfur dioxide. The result of examination is applied to every Lot and managed as test report per each Lot, and provided in case of raw material delivery.

Also, to prevent mixing with other ingredients that can be confused, we also apply molecular biological tests such as gene screening. In stage of the development of products, we examine the origin, age, part, and date of collection so that we can select and standardize conditions in which we can provide consistent quality of raw materials. Also, we standardize composing and quantity of extraction solvent, extraction duration and number of times, and the way of drying so that we can provide customers with consistent and excellent quality of products. We collect multiple samples in every production Lot and manage the content quantity of marker compounds and active compounds strictly throughout instrumental analysis method using HPLC. Also, with chromatogram pattern comparison, we also manage even a minute ingredient can be provided consistently.